From paddock to plate, from formal entertaining to lazy Sunday brunches at home, the Coles store is a fresh solution for urban living today.

Offering immediate access to every daily essential, the food emporium makes living easy, removing the need for travel and providing a comprehensive chef’s pantry, literally at your door.


Creating an energetic street level presence, your modern Coles store is the ultimate culinary convenience. The retailer sits discreetly within the overall architectural design, while retaining independent entry points to separate the building’s community connection and private residential domain.


The full service store will reignite the neighbourhood’s love of fine food. A modern interpretation of Melbourne’s markets and European villages, Coles offers an enticing presentation that brings together the finest local and international produce under the one roof.

Paddock to Plate

The gourmet offering is a one-stop destination for organic, natural and wholefoods as well as household products, imported goods and mainstream supermarket items. The strikingly modern layout is boutique in delivery and features, market produce sections, gourmet delicatessen, fresh seafood displays and an artisan bakery.From paddock to plate, from formal dinner parties to relaxed Sunday brunches, the Coles store is a fresh solution for modern urban living needs.